Saturday, August 4, 2012

tiny media empire - AMAZING

Run by Daniel Danger - this is what his website says about him: "Daniel Danger is an illustrator and printmaker working out of New England. The son of an middle school art teacher married to a professional potter, Daniel was never going to be a mathematician or claims adjuster for a top rated insurance agency. Amidst old houses dead from the fallout of urban sprawl, railway bridges asleep from neglect, and trees that engulf everything; his work attempts to remind you of something you may have said to someone, or something someone may have said to you; back in that time period thats just too far away to remember clearly, but not so long ago you forgot about it completely. His memories and many of his friends are simply ghosts now, shaking him awake with mistimed alarm clocks and the sounds of a television from across the house. Documentation is key to get through the day. Things are always changing and its easy to lose yourself." His work is amazing, when i look at it, i feel like i am melting and melding into his world, like if i was to close my eyes and open them again, i wouldn't be here in this world, but inside that warped...slightly dark...truly different world. Love it.

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