Thursday, February 2, 2012

lost pictures...

This may be the most beautiful and emotional wedding photograph I have seen, ever. It captures that special relationship between mother and daughter, during one of the most emotionally draining, uplifting, memorable moments they will ever share. Photographer: Alexandre Borges

Dress is Notte by Marchesa, model - the ever resplendent Emma Watson
I found this on, man that class must have been flipping out, texting like cra-cra...yea i just said that

yes please, i would like to live in this apartment complex, except for the fact that the windows are shuttered, and i have no idea where this building is located. For all I know it could be in Russia, or somewhere else just as equally unknown to me.

best tattoo ever? just about
Patrick Demarchelier Haute Couture - Dior. Patrick remade pictures from the Haute Couture Dior collection from 1936(?) Fantastic picture, lots more if you look around.

Artist: audrey kawasaki - this is one of her "sketches" I am linking her so you can check out all of her amaaaaazing artwork
I just cleaned out my hard drive, and when I pulled out the backup files, these gems were hiding in there. Not sure how it was that they never got posted before, but here they are for you viewing pleasure.

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