Monday, August 16, 2010

Dance Series

I have decided I am going to do a whole series of dance photography. I started out wanting to do just ballet, but I am a huge fan of contemporary, jazz, modern, and just about any other type out there. So I am expanding it to include everything. Today, I am showcasing ballet dancers from the Miami City Ballet, founded by Edward Villella. I saw a documentary of him once, and he was truly awe inspiring. He had amazing feet and very clean lines, especially on jumps. He started his career at the American Ballet and then onto the New York City Ballet. Dancers at Miami City Ballet are just as talented as he was, and if any of you watched this past season of So You Think You Can Dance (season 7), then you would have seen a member of their family, Alex Wong.

The Upper Room
During the performance of The Upper Room
Program IV
Look at the lines and angles created by these dancers, something photographers try to look for in nature, dancers can do by themselves!

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