Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A trip to the moon - georges melies style

So this guy, georges melies, decides to make a movie, called a trip to the moon. Imagine it, its the year 1902, and sci fi is all the rage. You know you could make bank if you made a movie, but could you pull it off and make it believable? Of course rockets to the moon didnt exist then, so you could make it all up however you wanted. Sweet.
So what does he do? he creates elaborate theatre sets, and since its in black and white, the errors cant really be seen. I was watching it, and even I wondered how he created some of the effects seen. very bad ass. I cant even begin to imagine what people said when they first saw it. Here is the second part of the film, my favorite part, this is when the explorers are on the moon, and are looking around.



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