Friday, May 7, 2010

Social Documents - Early photographers documenting life

I wanted to focus on one photographer in general, E.J.Bellocq. This photographer focused on taking pictures of women who were prostitutes. As the text describes, he "used photography to explore the forbidden world of prostitutes....[the photographs] convey a sense of complicity between the male gaze and the female sitter. Although the atmosphere is a mix of lassitude, resignation, and sexuality, no sexual acts or men are depicted, and some of the photographs offer no clues that the women were prostitutes." (Hirsch, 227-228). His images are full of imagery, and have a feeling of enjoyment, even though it is in a sensual setting. I find myself creating backgrounds for each of the women in his images, where they came from, why they are doing that, where they are now. Very mysterious, very urbane images. Not much is known about why he created these images, and many of them have been lost or destroyed through time. This only adds to the images's allure for me. For more information about the artist or thoughts on his photography, go to this girl's blog, its really inspirational!

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