Friday, May 7, 2010

Photography is a Universal Language

The Family Of Man was an exhibition that has been called a major American photographic event, it opened at MoMA in New York in 1955. It included 508 images from 68 countries by 273 different photographers. They way the photographs were set up made it seem like each one was a piece of a larger puzzle. For more information about where these images can be seen today, go to this Luxemboug informational website. One of the photographers included in this exhibit was one of my favorites, Irving Penn. I have tried unsucessfully to find one of the images that he had included in The Family of Man, but I did find some that others included. They are a brief glimpse at how these photographers lived, and what they did that photographers do not do now.
here are images by lou bernstein, irving penn, and wynn bullock. Each one has a completely different sense of style, mystery, sensuality, and beauty.

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