Friday, May 7, 2010

charles baudelaire

As said in " Baudelaire argued in LE PEINTRE DE LA VIE MODERNE (1863, The Painter of Modern Life) in favor of artificiality, stating that vice is natural in that it is selfish, while virtue is artificial because we must restrain our natural impulses in order to be good. The snobbish aesthete, the dandy, was for Baudelaire the ultimate hero and the best proof of an absolutely purposeless existence: he is a gentleman who never becomes vulgar and always preserves the cool smile of the stoic."
What photographs would represent the focus of Baudelaire ideas? Something romantic, but sensual.

Maybe something by Lewis Carroll? what say you?


  1. Please note: The picture of Lewis Carroll and Alice is an internet Photoshopped image and NOT a genuine photograph.

  2. Me sumo a Brian. Esta foto es un fake de los años setenta, montado sobre una foto de Carroll obtenida por Reginald Shouthey y un recorte de una foto de las tres hermanas Liddell, donde Lorina sotiene en lo alto un racimo de uvas que muerde Alicia. Ahora veo que la desvergüenza ha llegado a atribuir la foto a Margaret Cameron.