Friday, May 7, 2010

Autochrome and moving pictures

Autochrome is the first color photography process. It was invented by the Lumiere brothers, who also invented the moving picture!!!WOW!!ok sure that was pretty cheesy, but whateverr. Autochrome was a process where potato starch dyed with color is dusted onto a glass plate. Afterwards carbon black powder fill in any spaces. It was developed twice, then the colors began showing. The Lumiere brothers also invented the movie biz. Autochrome was used for photographs that used symbolism, reacting against positivism, industrialization, and secularism. It often portrayed scenes that were chock full of emotions and sensations, being the forerunner to abstract art. This process helped create an entire world of possibilities with photographs. They went from being black and white to something more ethereal and magical, like a mirror into your imagination. With color photographs, people could take something and transform it into something else. They could also document things that they were unable to document before, details that were missed with black and white, like the color of someone's eyes, or the beauty of a sunset, or the red juice of a pomogranate. This opened a door to creativity that wasnt there before...
This pics are pretty awesome!

The Lumiere brothers also created the moving picture, each was about thirty seconds long. As you know, this has become an extremely artistic and lucrative multi-trillion dollar business. I have posted a six minute clip of some of their first films, WATCH IT!

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