Monday, February 1, 2010

The mysteries of calotype photographs

What do I see when I look at this image? I see an old man leaning on a chair...but wait, what is that nice chair doing outside? I think its a nice chair, I mean it has a pillow cover. Maybe they had a party outside, and he is too tired to help pack things up. Maybe he is just a lazy old man, yelling at everyone else to do the work. It could be a multitude of different things, but the image impresses me all the same. For some reason, every time I look at this calotype, I wonder what was happening. It all seems so strange, out of place somehow.
What was a chair doing in the middle of the road, why is he all dressed up, is he content, is he angry?
Calotypes were used by artists in the 1800s because they conveyed a sense of mystery, melancholy, distress, or imagination.I suppose this one is no different.

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