Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Medium and Large Format Cameras

I always knew that large and medium size formats were used for more detail, but until I started looking for images, I never knew what that really meant.
Well, after researching, I know that it is true. I found this really awesome catalog/white paper thing online, that shows this guy's pictures that he took of a fruit tree using a medium format camera. It also describes his process, and what he used. The paper is here.

I found this interactive essay on the adventures of one man and his large format camera, and the cool images he came up with in the end. If you want to look at it here is the site. I thought it was really interesting, and a little funny. I also found this other website, that had a whole page dedicated to the differences between camera sizes, and had really cool displays and images. It is called, and the page I found is here. Plus it was really pretty and easy to read :)

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