Thursday, February 18, 2010

A great day ruined

So today I was with my friend JB, and we were killin some Ke$ha songs in the car. We saw an empty parking lot by the school, and decided to get out and do some hardcore dancing. So we are there, looking like fools, having an amazing time dancing and singing along to Ke$ha's dinosaur song, when we realize that JB is going to be late for class. We get in the car and leave. We drive around to the other side of campus and park by his building, and he realizes that HE LEFT HIS PHONE ON TOP OF THE CAR! of course, since we had been jammin out in style while driving to the other side of campus, we had not heard or seen his phone. We sped back to the parking lot, and found it crushed into three pieces on the intersection. It was horrible. at least for him.
He got so upset, and decided to buy himself a new phone. I assumed that he would buy himself a cheap-o fone since his contract wasn't up for another year, but instead decides to buy himself a brand new $200 fone. I urged and pleaded with him not to do it, and even asked random stranger walking by to agree with me. They all did. He still bought the phone. He then proceeds to call his father and tell him the horrifying news, only to find out that both of his parents contracts had come up, and he could have traded with them to get a new phone free. AAAGGGHHH!!! I dont know what he will do next, but I feel it could get interesting.
All in all, what could have been a killer rad day was ruined because of a friggin cell phone. Yuck.
Much love,

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