Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Art of Photograms

According to my professor, my textbook, and wikipedia, a photogram is a photograph that is created by arranging objects right onto light sensitive paper and exposing that paper to certain types of light, depending on how you would like your photo to come out. I found two really cool examples of photograms that made me want to make one, when I have time...
This image to the left is of an Ipod, with the headphones, pretty awesome huh? The website I found it from is called Coco Tran Photography, and whoever it is has some awesome stuff.

The other image I found is from the artist Saori Miyake. The only image I could find of the artist's work was on this page, but it was really amazing, and I would like to see more.
Really cool right?! I am guessing it took a while to put this together, but it rocks my mind! I could probably find more if I really looked, but I was lazy, sorry world. I will look later, see what I find.

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