Monday, February 15, 2010

Ambrotypes new and old

So I was looking all over the place for some really cool looking ambrotypes, and I found something stellar. I was looking for ambrotypes of wedding couples, and I found this one from 1856 that was really mysterious to me. I wanted to just keep on looking at it, wondering what it was that they were thinking about. I kept looking, and I also found this awesome wedding photgrapher that does all his photography with ambrotype media. It is really awesome seeing the same media being used for the same purpose, but so differently, then and now.
The image from 1856 was from at the OhioPix website, which is like an online history museum of Ohio, pretty cool. The images from the present day wedding I found at the Offbeat Bride website, who has links to more from the same photographer.
It is so cool how art and how pictures are taken through the years. It may be the same type of camera, and the same kind of process,  but the message the pictures send are completely different.


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