Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So imaginative, I love it

go to that link, seriously, you wont regret it.
one of the pictures:
its a picture of what the same place looked like fifty years ago! how cool!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Erwin Olaf - Awesome or no?

I recently had to find a photography book in my school's library. Because my school has a small love of the arts, this section was about as wide as a 100 lb person. AKA, not large at all. I stumbled upon a slim book of Erwin Olaf, a photographer I had never heard of. I was immediately intrigued by the intricateness of his photographs. Each one had been taken with care. The book had photographs from 3 of hi series: Grief, Hope, and Rain.
The models have this blank look in their eyes, but seem to tell a story. There are small details in each photograph, a wrinkled handkerchief, red wet eyes, the way the hands and body are placed. They are almost erotic, almost uncomfortable to look at. The use of lighting, contrast, and color fulfill the intensity of each picture in the book. Although each photograph looks simple the first time you see it, the more you look, the more you find. Each one made me ask questions, and I LOVE that. I wish I could talk to him, and find out about where he gets these ideas, what makes his mind go. To see the images better, click on the pictures below. It will open up a new page with a larger pic.
I had two favorites, the first is from his grief series, called grief:

The second is from the Hope series, called Hope 5, 2005, i think?

Lovin Life

A great day ruined

So today I was with my friend JB, and we were killin some Ke$ha songs in the car. We saw an empty parking lot by the school, and decided to get out and do some hardcore dancing. So we are there, looking like fools, having an amazing time dancing and singing along to Ke$ha's dinosaur song, when we realize that JB is going to be late for class. We get in the car and leave. We drive around to the other side of campus and park by his building, and he realizes that HE LEFT HIS PHONE ON TOP OF THE CAR! of course, since we had been jammin out in style while driving to the other side of campus, we had not heard or seen his phone. We sped back to the parking lot, and found it crushed into three pieces on the intersection. It was horrible. at least for him.
He got so upset, and decided to buy himself a new phone. I assumed that he would buy himself a cheap-o fone since his contract wasn't up for another year, but instead decides to buy himself a brand new $200 fone. I urged and pleaded with him not to do it, and even asked random stranger walking by to agree with me. They all did. He still bought the phone. He then proceeds to call his father and tell him the horrifying news, only to find out that both of his parents contracts had come up, and he could have traded with them to get a new phone free. AAAGGGHHH!!! I dont know what he will do next, but I feel it could get interesting.
All in all, what could have been a killer rad day was ruined because of a friggin cell phone. Yuck.
Much love,

Collages from the 1860

There was recently a showing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art called "Playing With Pictures: The Art of Victorian Photocollage." It showcased work of multiple women and men from the victorian era, around the 1860s, and what they did with carte de visites. They would create these really interesting and intricate collages using the pictures, and superimose them on suitcases, butterfly wings, and duck heads, as well as other things. It is really interesting to read about, because until these were uncovered, many thought that collages began during 1912, when Picasso and Braque were coming out with their works. I have linked the title of the show to an article from the new york times that goes into more detail about it. I tried to look for more images of these works online, but I came up only with the ones that were included in the article. If anyone has some of these images, or knows where I could find them, that would be great!
Be a betty!

Monday, February 15, 2010

i wish someone had given me this for valentine's day

Itsy Bitsy Snowflings

Today, I will show to you, some amazing photographs, taken by a very curious man, William Bentley. He took pictures of individual snowflakes his entire life basically. My favorite, by far, is this one:
For more information on it, click here
What I love best about his work is his attention to detail. Each one of his snowflakes are catalogued and named. Each is given the same amount of care.They are all so different, and he appreciated and acknowledged those differences. Each snowflake is just as different as each person that walks this earth, and that is what he saw when he started taking these pictures. He saw something beautiful in them that others realized and began to appreciate once he started taking these pictures. I love that.



I have no clue what to say about these, they are like 3d images, but they only make my eyes hurt. I found some pretty ones of landscapes, here they are!
An image of a tower in spain...very pretty. To see more images from the gallery, go here.

I found this really cool image that is created using the stereoscopy process, but it is a modern version of this process. I found it on wikimedia commons, which I have never heard of until I started looking for stereoscopes, but this particular page was cool. You are supposed to look at the image using 3D glasses, but it is pretty stellar without them.
Pce Easy

Carte De Visite

This truly is a lost art. These were photos that were produced on cardboard like paper. People would leave them as calling cards when they went to someones house, thus the name cartes de visite. They are about the size of a palm, and have very nice clarity and contrast. All the ones that I have seen are so pretty. I wish we still did this when we visited other people's houses. I found two that I thought were fascinating. One I found on flickr, and is of a woman, with creepy eyes. Apparently, according to the description and the comments, she was well off. Her dress is very shiny and looks like silk. I dont think it is that pretty or well made, but styles have changed since this picture was taken (1860). If you all have time, go look at the flickr page, coz the discussion is pretty cool.
Like I said, the woman has creepy eyes, she must have blinked while the picture was being taken. I personally think that the dress is too large for her, and kind of swallows her up. If you look at it close up, you can see that there is a lot of detail to the dress, and it must have been expensive. Unfortunately, it doesnt look that hot on her :(. 

The other image I found is also of a woman, with her back to the camera, looking over her shoulder. I think she looks much more elegant, and prettier than this "rich" woman above. She has an air of mystery to her, a sadness almost. She looks very regal, and I sort of created a life for her. She has noble lineage, but her family is nothing special. She lives in high society of Lima, Peru, but wishes for her independence from the responsibilities that come with high society. She falls in love with a foreigner, and becomes a dutchess of Spain.That is what I think of when I look at this image. I love it.Also, her dress is not so shiny, but it looks very nice on her, and although it may not be so extravagant, I have a feeling it was just as expensive as the other dress, if not more.Look at the lace shawl/top of the dress, as well as the jewelry she has on, and the way her hair is placed.

Ambrotypes new and old

So I was looking all over the place for some really cool looking ambrotypes, and I found something stellar. I was looking for ambrotypes of wedding couples, and I found this one from 1856 that was really mysterious to me. I wanted to just keep on looking at it, wondering what it was that they were thinking about. I kept looking, and I also found this awesome wedding photgrapher that does all his photography with ambrotype media. It is really awesome seeing the same media being used for the same purpose, but so differently, then and now.
The image from 1856 was from at the OhioPix website, which is like an online history museum of Ohio, pretty cool. The images from the present day wedding I found at the Offbeat Bride website, who has links to more from the same photographer.
It is so cool how art and how pictures are taken through the years. It may be the same type of camera, and the same kind of process,  but the message the pictures send are completely different.


The Romantic Era

I have recently found some really cool paintings from the Romantic era. The photography of the 1800s is reminiscent of these paintings, especially the landscapes and stilllifes(sp?). I found a painting that I thought was beautiful, and could easily  be represented using a camera from the 1800s, to make a calotype or some similar type of print.

The image was painted by someone from the Dutch Romatic Period. There is more information about the Dutch Romantic Period on the Kunsthal website.I couldn't find a good enough photograph that represented the type of Romantic work done during this time, but if you look at some of my other posts, you will see what I mean by romantic photographs. What I did find was a mondern take on romantic photography. This artistic director Édouard Lock, created a new ballet, and it uses the romantic era ballets, Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty, and the production stills are done in the same style. Here is an image of one of the stills, and here is the link to more information about it. As you can see, it is in color, but it does have a slight romantic feel to it.

- Ziggy

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Medium and Large Format Cameras

I always knew that large and medium size formats were used for more detail, but until I started looking for images, I never knew what that really meant.
Well, after researching, I know that it is true. I found this really awesome catalog/white paper thing online, that shows this guy's pictures that he took of a fruit tree using a medium format camera. It also describes his process, and what he used. The paper is here.

I found this interactive essay on the adventures of one man and his large format camera, and the cool images he came up with in the end. If you want to look at it here is the site. I thought it was really interesting, and a little funny. I also found this other website, that had a whole page dedicated to the differences between camera sizes, and had really cool displays and images. It is called, and the page I found is here. Plus it was really pretty and easy to read :)

Talk soon

The Art of Photograms

According to my professor, my textbook, and wikipedia, a photogram is a photograph that is created by arranging objects right onto light sensitive paper and exposing that paper to certain types of light, depending on how you would like your photo to come out. I found two really cool examples of photograms that made me want to make one, when I have time...
This image to the left is of an Ipod, with the headphones, pretty awesome huh? The website I found it from is called Coco Tran Photography, and whoever it is has some awesome stuff.

The other image I found is from the artist Saori Miyake. The only image I could find of the artist's work was on this page, but it was really amazing, and I would like to see more.
Really cool right?! I am guessing it took a while to put this together, but it rocks my mind! I could probably find more if I really looked, but I was lazy, sorry world. I will look later, see what I find.

After the Prom - Norman Rockwell

I love this picture. It makes me smile everytime I see it. It makes me think of that happy feeling you got when you went out with a boy, or when you were relaxing with friends. They look so cute in it, I just want to smile.

Monday, February 1, 2010

I am upset

Yesterday was my sister Diana's birthday. She came back from her university for the day, and she spent it with the family. We had a wonderful time. It was about nine at night when my mother decided to drive her back to her apartment on campus. My younger sister and I decided to accompany my mother. We had a fun time driving her back, with one exception. My mother started trash talking this gay guy whose mother is friends with mine. My sister and I both got riled up because we are both friends with him. After that "discussion" everything went well.
My sister was getting a little edgy, all of us were, it had been a long day and we were tired. We get to her apartment, and I help her carry things up to her room. Once we are up there, she tells me that she isn't coming back down, even though she hadn't said goodbye to my mother or sister. I go to give her a hug goodbye, and she pushed me away, and yelled at me to stop. It hurt my feelings, a lot more than I thought it would. As I am leaving, we both realize that she had left something downstairs. I told her I would go get it, and she would meet me halfway. So I run down to the car, only to find out that my mother was talking to Diana's godmother, calling all the way from Peru. I call her down so that she can talk to her, and the uh..."whining" begins.
She didn't put on a coat, when she knew that it was at least 3 degrees outside, instead she had wrapped herself up in a blanket. She started complaining that it was freezing outside, and she doesnt want to talk to her godmother. She is saying this while the phone is in her hand, and her godmother can hear everything she is saying. As she is complaining and my mother is yelling at her to just talk to her godmother, another problem starts. Her friend is across the street, and starts walking over to give her a birthday hug. Diana tells her that she is busy, and to not come over. Her friend keeps on coming anyway. Why? Because all of Diana's friends are attracted to DRAMA. By now, my mom is seething because of the way Diana is acting, I am trying to tell Diana to just talk to her GM, my other sister is in the background doing the same thing.
And then things blew up.
I called Diana an unattractive offensive word, because it is what she was acting like. She got upset and just hangs up on her GM, my mom gets pissed at her b/c she won't come over to say goodbye. I am sitting there wondering why I said it, while at the same time thinking, "that is exactly what she is acting like." Her friend is standing there with a friggin SMILE on her face, I hope she just didnt understand what had happened. And then Diana starts crying, and says, "but its my birthday." Then she runs upstairs, and we leave.
I guess I am upset now because I regret saying what I said. But only because I should have used another word instead. I know I hurt her feelings, but she hurt mine and my family's by not even letting us give her a hug goodbye. My mother called up her sister, Diana's godmother, after we had left her apartment complex. She was extremely hurt and upset, because she didnt understand why her only godchild had been treating her so badly. I didnt go out of my way to hurt my sister's feelings, or to ruin her 20th birthday, but I feel bad that it culminated in the way that it did. I feel like all of the tension that we felt in the car was because we were tired, Diana was cold, and emotions always run high in our family. I called to apologize to her, even though I don't think it was entirely my fault, and I left her a message because she didnt pick up the phone. I hope she can forgive me, and learn from her mistakes, if she even realizes that she has made some of her own.

The mysteries of calotype photographs

What do I see when I look at this image? I see an old man leaning on a chair...but wait, what is that nice chair doing outside? I think its a nice chair, I mean it has a pillow cover. Maybe they had a party outside, and he is too tired to help pack things up. Maybe he is just a lazy old man, yelling at everyone else to do the work. It could be a multitude of different things, but the image impresses me all the same. For some reason, every time I look at this calotype, I wonder what was happening. It all seems so strange, out of place somehow.
What was a chair doing in the middle of the road, why is he all dressed up, is he content, is he angry?
Calotypes were used by artists in the 1800s because they conveyed a sense of mystery, melancholy, distress, or imagination.I suppose this one is no different.