Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Camera Obscura

This is a really cool website about a camera obscura show that the National college of art and design in dublin is doing. It is the Postgraduate Interim show, which probably means the kids showing know what they are doing. from their website "For this show, the Light House will be our camera obscura. Artworks on display are ongoing observations, insights, comments about the world outside. Views are inverted, spaces converted and ideas subverted in open, relational discourses. We invite you to come inside and encounter the developing mediations and meditations of the first year MFA & MA students of the National College of Art and Design." So it is all about camera obscura. they only had one picture up that wasnt so hot, so I am going to look for another one....

Oh look! I found one! This image is from Abelardo Morell, who we spoke about in class. It is a pretty awesome picture, I am excited to see what else we learn about in class!

Talk soon


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